Prague: Grégory Gaultier remporte le tournoi!

[4] Gregory Gaultier v [1] Raphael Kandra                   11-5, 11-5., 11-5


Greg Gaultier:

Very happy with this week. Starting the season with a positive note.

I trained so hard the last 6 months and was looking forward to compete again. I’m very thankful to my team in France and Czech Republic without all of them I wouldn’t come back, thanks to all my coaches, physios, doctors and sparring partners.

Same to my club Annecy and all my sponsors who kept helping me during that tough time i had the last 2 years. So thankful to my close friend Abir Ray (Expression networks and Squashrevolution) who sponsors me for more than 10 years, he called me and said Greg lets make an event like 3 weeks ago, so he raised the prize money and decided to call the event on my kids name which was cute.

Thanks to Squash club Strahov and David Tomanek for organising everything here and everyone involved at the Strahov academy with Joan Lezaud and Lukas Jelinek.

Thanks Raphy for the final, it was hard, very hot on the court and tough rallies. Looking forward now for Manchester.”

Raphael Kandra

“Tough one. All credit to Greg, he was on fire today. He deserved the win. I am still happy with my performance. Still room for improvement but a good start for the season.

Et hop, le Circuit PSA est de retour… On commence à Prague avec le Kid de retour… Il faudrait plus qu’une pandémie pour l’arrêter….

“It is nice to have an event at home. It is one of my sponsors who have helped me. They have helped me to organise an event, because I am ranked nearly 100 in the world and I want to be back and making the draws in the big events,” Greg said.

“I have to go through the smaller tournaments again, and they have been very nice to help me to raise the prize money and to deliver a tournament, so we can get back into competition.

“Hopefully I can get some points and a few matches under the belt. It will be nice to play again after all this time off. I am looking forward to see how I can perform.”

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